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Tile Connect - Pair Matching

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Tile Connect is a tile-matching game for both kids and adults. Play and relax in your free time!

It offers beautiful themes and music for much fun! With the memory of your brain and concentration of your mind, you search pairs and connect to turn them into stars! The higher level you get more challenging it is, but various tools and treasure boxes are there for help! So play and enjoy it now! Classic and boring merging games. This is a new, free, and cool game for boys and girls.

Connect two same tiles to eliminate them with a polyline. 

The polyline contains no more than 3 inflection points. 

Get harder for a higher level with more grids and types of pairs. 

4 valuable tools are there to help. 

More scores and the higher level you get when you win. 

Higher enough to get a treasure box. 

There is a time limit.
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