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Relaxing Puzzle Match

Pelattu 388 kertaa.
5.0 (1 arvostelua)
Relaxing Puzzle Match is a match-3 puzzle game with colorful graphics and a relaxing vibe.

Clear the field by arranging tiles in groups horizontally or vertically.

Tiles include moving and block types. Create groups of moving tiles with the same color and destroy them to earn score. Collect block tiles by destroying a group of moving tiles near them.

If you stuck, use boosters: cancel the last move and change the color of the new tile.

The game has many levels with various difficulty.

You must clear a tile-filled field by placing limited new tiles next to the current ones.

Tiles are of two types: moving, marked with an arrow indicating color and direction, and blocks, marked with a target.

Form groups of three or more tiles of the same color horizontally or vertically to destroy them.

Destroy groups of moving tiles next to blocks to collect them.

If you stuck, use boosters to cancel a last move or change a new tile's color.
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