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Number Collector: Brainteaser

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Intelligent mind-breaker logic game. Train your logic and intelligence, Improve your math skills, IQ and memory, develop your mind and compare your best records on the online leaderboard. Use your brain to connect number blocks and get a required number.
Think, count, remember, develop your mind and win!

★ Educational game.
★ For math lovers.
★ Game for kids and adults.
★ Leaderboard - compare your record in the players ranking top.
★ Colorful graphics and effects.
★ Simple control: use mouse for PC or touching/tapping on tablets and mobile phones.
★ Endless gameplay.

Make your brain smart again!

The goal is to connect blocks with numbers that sum to a required number. You can only click on the neighboring blocks, creating a snake of numbers. Every 100 points, progress is saved. There are time bonuses and a solution hint.
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