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Noob vs Cops

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Play as the main character, Noob, and evade the zombie cops! Zombie cops are chasing you, aiming to catch and destroy you. Stay alert!

Build your ship!
Collect points by gathering fish to construct your boat and purchase new weapons.

Achieve new goals and improve your skills!
Dodge obstacles with agility and expertise to outsmart the pursuing zombie cops.

As Noob, boldly embrace the challenge and complete thrilling missions to defeat the zombie cops and build the ultimate pirate ship!

While playing on a PC, use the A and D keys for turns and evasions.
On a phone, tap on opposite sides of the screen for turns.
In the game, you will skillfully navigate the boat, dodge obstacles, and take down zombie cops.

Collect points by gathering fish and crabs to buy new weapons and upgrade your boat.

Build your dream and become unbeatable!
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