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Fishing Simulator Online

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Welcome to the exciting world of Fishing Online - a unique online fishing game! Embark on an exciting journey through picturesque rivers, lakes and oceans, where more than 250 species of fish are waiting for you. Not only ordinary fish are waiting for you, but also exciting encounters with deep-sea monsters!

You are waiting for exciting tasks, beautiful locations and many species of fish, different fishing gear to improve your skills and catch the biggest fish!

Don't miss the opportunity to become a real fishing professional and take high places in the ratings. Our treasures and achievements are waiting for you! Communicate with other fishermen in chat, share your experience and secrets.

Game Features:
- Many kinds of fishing equipment.
- More than 250 species of fish.
- 15 amazing locations.
- Encyclopedia of all kinds of fish.
- Achievement system.
- Online part, communicate with other players in chat, brag about your catch, set new world records!

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