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DOP Puzzle Displace One Part

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DOP Puzzle: Displace One Part is a DOP game that will help you have fun testing your IQ. The game is a DOP puzzle game where each level is a funny story.
Enjoy the charming design in a bright cartoon style and charming animation.
The game is simple, however, there are several challenging puzzles among the puzzles. Test your brain and have fun!

How to play:
– To solve the puzzles, drag the specified elements onto the image using logic and creativity.
– You have to place the three components in the right place and in the right sequence.
– You don't always need to use the provided items.

The gameplay is very simple and clear: just swipe your finger across the screen (if you have a mobile device) or swipe the cursor (if you have a PC) to shift one piece and solve fun and clever puzzles!
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