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Bubble Shooter Candy 3

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Bubble Shooter Candy 3 is the long-awaited third installment of the sweetest Bubble Shooter game ever made. The brand new set of sweet candies will make you fall in love with this game from the very first moment you start popping them! The game boasts a brand new ‘Candy Swap’ feature that enables you to swap the current candy in your shooter with the incoming one. Now you can play even more strategically! Enjoy the brand new soundtrack and crush more candies than ever before!

Shoot two or more candies with a candy of the same color. The more candies you clear at once, the faster your candy shooter fills up with the universal candy that can crush candies of any color. Use the ‘Candy Swap’ button to swap the candy in your shooter with the incoming one. How much can you score before the game is over? Master your your technique and get the golden trophy!
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